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What to Expect at Your Massage


To make your first visit comfortable and productive as possible we ask that you discuss any concerns you have about massage therapy with your therapist. It is important that you are comfortable during the massage and that you know your options.

Here are some commonly expressed concerns of newcomers to massage:

You will be properly covered with a sheet and blanket. As each part of your body is being massaged, it is uncovered. Private parts will not be uncovered. The therapist will leave the room while you undress. You may choose to be unclothed or to wear your underclothes for your own comfort.

Many people prefer silence and may close their eyes to help themselves relax. Others like to talk during their massage. Always feel free to ask questions about massage and give your therapist feedback about any discomfort.

Oil or lotion may be used to enable the therapists hands to glide over the skin. Massage lotion tends to sink into the skin and is mostly absorbed be the end of the session.

Whether you will feel any pain during a massage depends on many factors, including your physical condition, the reason for massage, your pain tolerance, and the therapists technique. Tense muscles are often sore and may hurt a little when massaged. Sometimes there is delayed soreness after a massage. Drink plenty of water to help remove waste products flushed out during the massage. This is especially important after your first massage. The more massage you receive, the less likely you will experience soreness afterwards. Remember, this session is for you!


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