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Yoga is an amazing art form that calms the mind, & rejuvenates our bodies.  Classes are taught by Errett Brown.  Classes explore yoga postures, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Through instruction and practice of Hatha Yoga, you will gain a new awareness of your body and how yoga can bring an awakening of health to body and mind.  Yoga is also a great complement to other forms of exercise.

Errett brings 20 years of study and practice of Iyengar Hatha Yoga and other styles for an ongoing learning experience in the art of yoga.  He has studied extensively with senior Iyengar teachers since 1992 and has taught in Honeoye Falls since 1999. 


Errett is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance and a graduate of Essential Teacher Training with Francois Raoult at Open Sky Yoga.

Beginner Class:
Sign up and discover or rediscover the wonders of yoga. Gain flexibility, strength and relaxation in body and mind.

Mixed Levels
Beginners with 4 or more classes with us or other Iyengar yoga style teachers may attend this class. Ask Errett if this class is right for you.

Private Sessions
An ideal option for anyone who wants individual attention. Create a customized practice, recover from trauma, work at your pace on your time schedule. Schedule appointments at my office or your home or office.



A practice to gain health of body & calmness of mind. Integrating healthy postural movement, breathing techniques to enhance vitality, & a deep sense of relaxation.

Yoga classes are ongoing. Anyone may join a class any time during a session, space permitting.

What to Wear
Loose clothing. Yoga is practiced in bare feet most of the time.

When to Eat
Eat only a light snack before class or have a meal 2-3 hours prior to class.

10 classes over 12 weeks   $140
5 classes over 6 weeks   $75
5 classes over 10 weeks   $85
Individual class  $17
Private yoga session  $60

Gift Certificates Available!